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Non woven bags - not only for shopping

As the season got really really hot the must haves of the last became… useless. It’s the sure thing for denim jackets and black boots, yet the summer has its influence on the accessories too. Heavy vintage leather bags companies gave way to non woven bags supplier. Those bags are light and colorful – just what the summer loves.image

Numbers of designs make it easy to find a perfect bag to fit the rest of your outfit.


We all know non woven bags are great for shopping but it is not the only situation when they come in handy.  After all, the light bag is what you need when taking the rest in the heat of your summer vacation.

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Your own, custom made tie

In every business it is important to stand out of the crowd. Since corporate rules are very straight you don’t get a lot of opportunities to express yourself or your company through your appearance. Actually, there is only one piece of clothing you can customize as you wish. Would you like to get a custom made logo necktie for your company?


Tali leher” means simply „necktie” in Malaysian, but as you can see on the pictures - Malaysians have a completely different, more interesting approach to neckties.  

All photos courtesy of – high quality, custom made necktie and scarf supplier.

Think about your beauty!

Today I’ll be writing about beauty therapies. There are a lot of different kinds of therapies that are designed to make you more beautiful. A need to improve our beauty is not a modern phenomenon. In every civilization and era people found their own ways  to enhance their appearance, found their own local treatments using their own, locally accessible goods. This is why there are so many different traditional therapies from all around the world. A popular beauty clinic  - Total Beauty Cardiff within Jego hairdressing salons – besides the modern therapies, offers extensive range of natural complementary therapies like aromatherapy, reflexology, Hopi Ear Candling, Reiki healing and Organic Argan Oil Treatments.

Beauty, Spa & Holistic therapies not only help your appearance. They also improve your overall health and what’s more important – they help you recharge your batteries. In our crazy fast, competition driven world it is important to relax and think about our mental health. We all deserve a break, a time to slow down and calm down. Spa is the best place where you can take care of all the three aspects – your look, your health and your mind.  

When choosing a beauty salon it is important to check its reputation, search online for opinions before making your decisions. Only professional salons with well trained staff are the guarantee for a safe and effective treatment. Your evening in the salon can bring you one more addition – it is a moment when you’re surrounded by beauty care specialists. Asking questions can give you valuable hints on improving your daily care, how to choose the best beauty products for your types of skin, hair, nails… etc.

Often beauty salons also offer a premium line of beauty products. You should consider this option since they are way more effective than products available in normal stores. The products they offer are often for professional use so they are not available even in beauty stores. With those high quality brands you can bring a piece of the salon to your home and work on your appearance when there is no time for a regular visit.

All photos are courtesy of - Total Beauty has been established since 2003 with over 13 years extensive experience within the Beauty, Spa & Holistic therapies industry both in the UK & Australia.

Clothing Items which Will Always Be in Style

Fashion comes and goes. We don’t even get a chance to become accustomed with one trend and buy some outfits to make sure we are fashionable, that designers come up with different styles, extraordinary combinations and a variety of colors. It makes you realize that it is really expensive to renew your wardrobe all the times with clothing items that become literally “so last season”.

Unless you’re working in corporation that requires you to wear a suit and a shirt every day, the rest of us have no idea what to purchase when we go shopping. Should we go for neon colors or geometric prints? Statement necklaces or delicate fabrics? Boho chic or gothic?

In this multitude of fashion trends and styles, we are telling you that you can spend your money wisely on some timeless pieces (well, not timeless per se, but you can wear them until you get bored or you shrink them in the washing machine) that will look good no matter what designers are thinking in terms of trends from one season to another.

The wide leg pants

If you are not sure if your figure allows you to wear skinny pants, forget about them. Wide leg pants look amazing and can be combined in so many ways. Buy a simple black pair with no ornaments and you can mix them with a silk blouse and a short fitted jacket for a cool office look, a simple navy T-shirt and a statement necklace for a fabulous brunch, or add a fur jacket for a little bit of glamour in your like. Wide leg pants have one rule: always high heels. So make sure you choose a pair that is neither too short of two long for your heels.

The red dress

We’ve always said that the little black dress is just for women who are not courageous enough to stand out in a crowd. Forget about black and choose a red dress that will make you get noticed. You know you want to. Go for vintage style dresses which will always be in style. Plus, you can never go wrong with red.

The silk blouse

Whenever you have no idea what kind of fabric is trendy, go for silk. Something as delicate and as beautiful as a sheer silk blouse will never go obsolete. Plus, it’s one of those items that make an ordinary outfit really special. Whether you choose wide leg pants, jeans, shorts and boots, a silk blouse will make you feel feminine. Don’t choose one that is too elegant, because you will want to wear it in different occasions.

The shorts

If you have the legs for it, your wardrobe must include a pair of shorts. During hot summer day, they are probably the only versatile clothing item which you can transform easily from a daily outfit to a sexy look. Wear them with white sneakers and a T-shirt for when you need to move a lot or pair them with high heels, a wide blouse and a clutch for a night out with the girls.

The shoes

When it comes to shoes, every women needs a few pairs that will always be fashionable, if you choose their simple versions: the white sneakers, the ankle boots, the red high heels, the nude shoes, the blue sandals, the simple ballet pumps.

Think you can handle shopping next time?

How to Start a Fashion Blog

Starting your own fashion blog is not as hard as you may think. There are just a few steps to take in order to start a fashion blog on your own domain. In this article, I will go over the three steps you need to take to create a fashion blog.

For more detailed information on how to start a fashion blog, you can check out my blog at

3 Steps to Create a Fashion Blog

Step 1 – Choose a Name

The name of your fashion blog is very important. You want to think of something catchy, and ideally, short. The shorter and easier it is to remember, the better off you will be in the long run.

You also want to make sure that name is not already taken as a domain name, which you can do at

Step 2 – Get Hosting

You will ultimately need to get website hosting in order to “host” the files of your fashion blog on the internet. There are a lot of different hosting companies out there, but there are only a few big players that own nearly all of the hosting companies.

I suggest using Host Gator as your webhost. I’ve had really good support and it’s the cheapest out there at about $4 per month.

Step 3 – Install Blogging Software

Once you have a host and a domain name it’s time to install blogging software so you can easily post and design your new fashion blog. I use WordPress as my blogging software. It takes all of 5 minutes to install on your domain through the Host Gator control panel. Best of all – it’s free.

Start Blogging!

Those are the basic 3 things you need to start a fashion blog. There are some little things you should do, but once you have WordPress setup, it’s pretty simple to publish new blog posts. If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Wordpress.

If you have any other questions about starting your own fashion blog, make sure to contact me at my fashion blog tutorial website.

Beauty of a sapphire

Sapphires are a perfect combination of a cold elegance and youthful depth. Ancient civilizations of Egypt and Rome believed sapphires to be sacred – to hold a secret of truth and justice. Until now in some circles (eg. Buddhists) sapphires are a symbol of peace, friendship and persistence therefore they make a perfect talisman for “just married” couples.

Although its ability to bring luck mostly depends on believes of the holder, sapphire’s beauty is unquestionable. While it is being acquired only in few countries it is an object of desire all throughout the world.  Every stone is unique, has its individual tones and undertones. Each has its history through the generations, being passed as a great gesture.

The most popular color is blue but sapphires can also have  other colors like pink, yellow or violet. “Sapphire” is actually a name of the color in most languages.

In fashion industry they are concerned to be exclusive and very feminine – they fit perfectly to the modern women’s lifestyle. The durability makes it a good choice for rings, bracelets or earrings even if you wear them every day – they don’t get scratched easily. Sapphire jewelry is classic and classics never get out of fashion. Fashion designers know it and although the trends are changing, those beautiful gemstones always find their way to the latest creations. Sapphires are inseparable parts of many fashion collections. They are used by such designers as Tiffany and Co., Martin Katz and Mark Schneider.

Let me show you few of those breathtaking stones. All photographs are courtesy of – a trusted supplier of the finest unheated natural sapphires.


This is a natural sapphire from Ceylon. It is completely natural,  without any chemicals. It has a great cut, magnificent color and lustre.


Also look at its size – very impressive.


And here is another unheated sapphire. It is pure, cornflower blue. This piece is simply majestic.


Those inspiring pieces of beauty are work of Deliqa Gems – a company founded by Sasha Gammampila. Her expertise, family traditions and passion pushed Deliqa Gems forward and now the company has the unique market position with their exclusive access to stones.

While choosing your source of sapphires you should be aware that the quality varies over different suppliers. To make sure the gemstones are 100% natural and unheated you should only buy from trusted companies. Only natural and well selected sapphires will give this passionate, magical glow.

For more information visit

The wedding fashion

Since a friend of mine is preparing for her big day my mind is also focused on the wedding fashion. We could only think that the wedding is something traditional and old-fashioned but if you look at the style of the wedding dresses and accessories it has nothing to do with “traditional” or “stable”.

I love the style of bridal tiaras.

This tiara really caught my eye. Delicate, classy design.

On your wedding you can finally wear so much fashionable accessories that you simply can’t miss this opportunity. For example wedding hair accessories – I can’t wait for my big day to wear them myself.  

Few words on Scarsdale diet

Scarsdale diet is perfect for almost instant results cause it lowers your calorie intake. It is a 14 day diet plan targeted mainly on short-term loss before some major event. It is very, very specific what makes it easy to sustain but for long term results it is better to contact the nutritian. Read more at


Watches are one for the few things a man can wear which, particularly, can add a gentleman’s charm to his personality. Generally it’s said that men are obsessed with cars, women and mighty great sense of fashion. Without any doubt, wearing a tuxedo suit illustrates arduous class, however this getup transforms from plain to classy as long as there‘s a good watch chained on his wrist. Many people assume that there are mobile phones and tablets to tell time now, but still a good watch is every man’s go-to timepiece and a fashion piece too.

Watches these days come in different styles and offer different functions. These watches today come in more convoluted and more elegant designs. Among all the brands running today, BREITLING DIAMOND watchesare yet the most anticipated watch genre that every gentleman is obsessed with. Breitling Colt 4.5 CT Diamond Watch is the most classical watch, one could ever witness, because of its prodigious functions along with its upscale beautiful design. Some of its main features that make it totally irresistible to most gentlemen (especially the rich ones), have been reviewed for you below.

COLT series is the most uniquely designed flawless series of Breitling. When it comes to Colt 4.5 CT, you can eye-witness its extraordinary exclusive design. The whole body of the watch is made of stainless steel covered with chrome. The bracelet, although fancy, is a perfect match with the rest of the watch and adds up an attractive look which certainly makes it look much more of a beauty. The dial of the watch is made of high-class diamonds which weighs about 4.5 carat. To achieve the highest degree of class the diamonds used are VS2 with F grade quality which ensure that these diamonds are colorless without any slightest of chances to fade. Pearl white color dial is being used in this watch. There is something that differentiates this watch from other of the type and makes it stand out i.e. each number on the dial has been replaced by a diamond; hence, making it much more attractive than ever.

When it comes to machines, beauty is nothing without durability. This watch has been technically engineered and tested through every means before its launch in the local market. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal has been used in this watch to ensure that no damage is caused to the watch even if it is roughly used which makes it a suitable choice for most sportsmen. Climate has always been unpredictable; this is the reason why Breitling Colt 4.5 CT has been designed water resistant for up to 500 meters or 1650 feet. Swiss Quartz mechanism used in it makes this machine, one of the most reliable machineries used around the globe these days. Now, would you still need more reasons to get convinced on the fact that there possibly can’t be any better amalgamation of class, beauty and durability in a single master piece?

The types of Platform High Heels

The platform High Heels are the next thing in vogue and girls can be seen flaunting their pair with style. There are a lot of types of platform high heels all of them unique in themselves.

Bling High Heels

They are studded with glittering rhinestone of different color and do not even look to flashy when you wear them. It is the next trend in the parties and is cheap and comfortable at the same time. They have a high 5 inch heel and a platform of about 1.4 inches.

Neon Platform High Heels

Neon is obviously the next trend and   is becoming really common. The pink or yellow neon platform high heels are in vogue and are best for a disco party on the coming Saturday!

Printed Platform High Heels

A flower print or the one with a Union Jack printed on it, the colorful printed Platform High Heels are really fashionable and go with almost all type of dresses. There are different prints which are available in platform high heels like rainbow print, multi colored flowers etc. They are really comfortable and can be found in decent rates too.


High Heel Sneakers

Want to choose between sneakers or stilettos, why don’t go for both? The High Heel Sneakers are a hybrid of both the shoe types and have the characteristics of both. The brands like Nike and Adidas have just started to manufacture this type and they are slowly coming in vogue. They have waxed laces and Velcro straps which gives it a look of sneakers and on the other hand, it has High Heels of about 5 inches which makes it look like High Heels. They are found in different colors and patterns.

Spiked High Heel Sneakers

They are another type of High Heels which have spikes on its back and looks a lot like high heel sneakers. The lace and the Velcro are present along with a considerable amount of heel in it. They are really coming in fashion and are making the market go crazy. You can get your one too either in a shop or even online.

High Heel Sneaker Boots

They are high ankle boots which are in the form of a sneaker and have high heels at the same time. The waxed laces are high which go till the knees and make it look like a mixture of High Heel Boots and Sneakers. Click here for more information about different types of high heels

The top 5 most stylish boots for women

Shoes are the most important accessory for completing a woman’s wardrobe. With the many varieties of shoes for different seasons and occasions and made from different types of materials, every woman ensures she has a pair to match every outfit. Out of all the types of shoes, winter boots helps spice up a woman’s wardrobe even more. Made out of the best quality of leather, suede and patent, the right pair of boots would definitely make a simple outfit look even more stunning and phenomenal. For those looking for some advice on the different types of boots for women, here are some of the most common and exquisite among all.

Ankle Boots

Initially these boots were only to be worn under pants and trousers, however today, many designers and brands have used these ankle booties paired with dresses and skirts and even shorts. Since then women have started wearing these boots with everything else but trousers. These boots give women an edgy and punk look and makes skinny jeans and skirts look more ravishing. 

Thigh High Boots

This type of footwear is considered as the most popular of all during the winter and fall season. For those who would like to jazz up their short little dress on an adventurous night out, then these beauties would definitely give you that added edge. They are extremely stylish and comfortable and can be worn with a large sized sweater and a pair of tights. If you would like to make a fashion statement then you must own a pair of these boots.

Knee boots

The most traditional and sophisticated boots for women till today are knee high boots. They are the most popular for women of all ages as well as teenagers and young adults. Combined with a short of knee high length skirt or a dress, this version of women’s boots would really catch the eye. The best colors for this kind of ladies footwear would be tan shades and black.

Cowboy boots

Among all the shoes that one invests in, cowboy boots are a definite win and extremely worth it. A good pair would be a bit expensive but you can be rest assured that it would last you a couple of years. These boots are extremely fashionable and stylish and are very comfortable if worn for long periods of time. Vintage cowboy boots are the best and would definitely spice up your outfit.

Frye Harness Boots

For those women who are more of the tom-boy type and who don’t always like looking feminine and fragile, then these are the boots for them. These boots are sturdy, reliable and chunky pairs of shoes that display strength and girl power that most women like. The older these boots are, the better they would look. They can be worn with jeans tucked into them or even with simple dresses.

Wellington Boots

The most particle option for women who are looking for boots to keep them safe from bad weather, are wellingtons. In times of rain, heavy snow or even just to wear on a day out, these boots are extremely stylish. For those who intend on purchasing a pair, should ensure they buy a size smaller as these shoes run big. 

These are the 5 trendiest types of boots for women today. Although there are many other different types of boots, these ones are commonly worn by women all over the world. What is your favorite pair?

Looking for boots

I was looking for some black boots. I wanted it to have just a little heel and a classy design. These are the ones that caught my eye.

I love these Rocket Dog boots cause they have such a classy, thick lacing. It would fit perfecty to a short, striped skirt.

These are Skechers. The buckles give them a harder, stronger look. These are the boots I would like to wear with jeans and umbrella in a rainy day.

I haven’t decided which to buy since they are so different from each other. I always loved black boots and it is so hard to find the proper ones. Here when I found two pairs in the same store I have no Idea what to do.

They would look nice if I got them shipped together, don’t you think? ;)

Fur is back in fashion!

Fur is back in fashion!  Models on the fall 2013 runways were seen wrapped up in layers of fur. Thus, fur is being hailed as one of the biggest trends for the next season.

But how will you know if you are buying a real fur or faux fur? Here are some tips on how to tell!

Feel the fur. It is easy to tell if you have a real fur or not by simply feeling it. Real fur feels very soft, smooth and sleek. While faux fur feels rough and coarse and feels like those of a stuffed toy animal.

Leather backing. Look for leather backing to indicate real fur. You can easily identify faux fur if the backing is made of stretch weave or fabric.

Stick a pin. Test if the fur is real by sticking a pin through its lining. If it is hard to push through, it means it has leather lining to which the fur remains attached, thus indicating that the fur is real. If the pin sticks through easily, it means it is faux fur because it has synthetic lining rather than leather.

Brand names. Know the brands that are associated with real fur. This might help you decide if the fur you are buying is real.

Lastly, if you are still in doubt, check the price! Real fur costs a lot more than faux fur. Thus, fur is always associated with very rich people.

So there, the next time you are buying your fur coats, fur stoles or any fur accessories, just follow these tips on how to identity real or faux fur. For more details visit

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