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Guide to the Military Cap

The current, fashionable version of the military cap that has become a popular accessory originates from the hat worn by US Army Rangers during the Korean War, 60 years ago, when it was usually referred  to as a ‘patrol cap’. Made from wind-resistant olive drab, it had to be tough and durable, due to its use on the battlefield. It had a woolen piece of material at the rear that would shield the ears and head from the elements. This type of military cap could be snuggly worn under a combat helmet.

When the Korean War finished this style made way the ‘ridgeway cap’, which was more rigid in design. These days, the fashionable incarnation of the military cap is close to a baseball cap in its design, with a slightly baggier head area. For aesthetic reasons, they are often adorned with pockets and zips.

As with most styles of headwear, the military cap was born for practical reasons, as opposed to fashion. The very early styles of military hat were very different to the fashionable caps of today that are influenced by the US army. The cavalier hat was an early variety of military headwear that was ornately designed, made with felt, and decorated with ostrich plume. They were popularized during the 17th century when they were worn by followers of King Charles 1st, known as cavaliers, in the English Civil War. They had a reputation for their elaborate dress sense. The cap comforter was a type of military cap that was worn by British commandos about 110 years ago. These helped create a layer of insulation between the commando’s head and his steel helmet.

Different variations of the contemporary, stylish military cap are available, but they all have certain similarities in their design. They should be worn closely fitted to the sides and crown of the head. This style of hat is available in a variety of colors, but they seem to look best in neutral, military-type colors such as green or brown. The cap can sometimes be stiffer in the head area, but most have a relaxed head-area that will crinkle on the top and sides. Some people opt for the ready-worn style military cap that has slightly frayed material, purely for aesthetic reasons.

The military cap usually comes with an adjustable strap, which can be a clasp or Velcro, which means the hat can be worn by most people. Buttons are sometimes used to make the cap adjustable in size. The cap can be decorated with many features, such as zippers, patches, pockets and embroidery, to provide it with a unique appearance.

Subtle differences in the various designs of the military cap mean they can be worn with a multitude of looks and styles. The cap in a woolen style, in a dark color such as grey or black, goes well with a more formal outfit, which could include trousers, shoes and a winter, woolen trench coat. A military cap in green or brown cotton will add a nice finishing touch to a parka, jeans and t-shirt.

Your beautiful skin

I am obsessed with the best drugstore makeup. I like the pricier brands too, but there’s something oddly soothing about taking a swing by my favorite pharmacy for skin care.


Every new product offers the potential for innovation and perfection. Every tube or tub or bottle contains a little miracle, and there’s something intoxicating about the first few uses of a new beauty product, before the inevitable disappointment when it doesn’t deliver the results you were promised.


There’s only one beauty product that has captured the attention of beauty aficionados everywhere. How has BB Cream (otherwise known as Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) managed to do so? It actually delivers results.


The best drugstore BB cream promises to deliver the results and benefits of a serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunscreen, all at once. Pretty steep promises for any beauty product, let alone something purchased for $10 at the drugstore.


But that’s when I found Garnier BB Cream.


It didn’t disappoint: the creamy consistency went on smoothly and evened out my skin tone with a nice Matte finish. It covered up the red mark from a zit.


It felt lighter than a tinted moisturizer and when I went to the restaurant’s ladies room after dinner, hours later to freshen up, my face was still fresh as a daisy.


Tinted moisturizer would often leave me oily within a few hours, but the BB cream had no such effects.


I have tried a wide variety of other drugstore BB creams but nothing has proven quite as effective as the original.


The CoverGirl Smoothers BB Cream gave me super light coverage, and while that might be good for girls with good skin texture who just need a tiny bit of help, for me the coverage wasn’t sufficient to use daily.


L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream changes color to match your skin once applied which I like however I’ve found that after a few hours it dries up and flakes, which is my number one no-no for any type of makeup.



Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry for Sale – Avoiding Plated Jewelry

When you choose to purchase sterling silver jewelry for sale, you want to know that you are actually getting real sterling silver and not simply a piece that is plated. Plated jewelry is much cheaper than sterling silver or gold but it is also much less valuable. Instead of real silver, some jewelry pieces may be a very cheap metal that simply has a silver plating or basically silver paint.


This jewelry is not real silver. In order to purchase real sterling silver jewelry for sale, you have to ensure that the sterling silver is .925. This information should be listed in the details of the jewelry pieces. For instance, if you are purchasing a sterling silver ring, the description should include the information that it is .925. If it does not, you really have no way of knowing that you are purchasing actual silver jewelry.


One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting what you pay for is to only shop at trusted and reputable online jewelry stores. Always check out the store before you buy from them. Take some time to read through their “About Us” page. Learn about where they are located, what types of contact information their site offers and their general reputation. You can read through customer reviews to find out any information that you need that should help you to determine if this specific store is trustworthy.


Buying silver jewelry for sale does not have to be difficult but it does take just a bit of consideration. You have to bear in mind that not all online jewelry stores are going to be selling real silver jewelry. One way to check the legitimacy of a site is to see if they have their contact information listed. You should be offered different ways to contact the store. Some stores, like, offer contact via live chat as well as email and telephone. Make sure that you can contact the store, particularly if you order something so that you can get assistance should something go wrong with your order.


It is always a good idea to do your research before you buy any jewelry online. You have to know that you are purchasing from a reputable store. You have to know that this store has a good reputation and has offered satisfactory services to other customers. Read through customer reviews, do a search online to see if there are any negative comments about this particular store and always check the policies that the store offers. You should be able to get a clear understanding of their return policy as well as shipping charges and anything else that may affect your order.


Above all, always ensure that you are ordering from a secure site. Legitimate online jewelry stores will have secure ordering so that your credit card or bank information is kept safe. You should be able to find a disclaimer stating their security policy so that you know you are safe when ordering.

Glamour Summer

Glamour is on everyone’s lips this summer, and Italian women are among the most glamorous in the world. Inspired by fashion icon Sophia Loren, The new ava franci Summer collection will make you feel lucky to be a woman. Photographic sublimation prints and sleek silhouettes are a modern interpretation of Loren’s classic 60s bombshell style.


Sophia had an amazing body and wasn’t afraid to show off her curves, and Ava Franci’s summer collection will do just that.   Clean, uncluttered lines are flattering, functional and feminine.


Invited to the summer preview collection earlier in the year,  I was delighted to be shown a perfectly blended classic and wearable collection with hints of this seasons runway trends. Very chic bold-print pencil skirts were a favourite, as was the show stopping Gradient pleat sublimation dress (Aptly named ‘A breath of scandal dress')You have to see it for yourself! All hemlines are practical enough to suit a modern professional woman, or inspire images of walking through the street of Rome in summer enjoying a gelato.


All of the Ava Franci collections draw inspiration from influential icons that have transcended their era, and this season’s collection is no different. It’s easy to imagine each piece from any of the Ava Franci collections remaining a favorite for years, because authentic beauty never goes out of style.

Hunting for a dream


I was hunting for a great coat for a loong time. You know – a sexy, a bit geeky, detective kind of coat. I finally found it but the price was just out of my range. So what is a girl like me doing in a situation like this? Looking for promo codes of course :)

After some time I found something better than just a promo code. I found honey.

Honey is a browser extension.  It is searching for the coupon codes by itself. No more hunting for coupons. When you’re in your favorite  online store just click Honey and I will do all the work for you.

To download Honey click:

Important points to keep in mind while selecting Dry Cleaning service

It’s always hard to become the master in a new area.  People find the local grocery shop and the cheapest places for getting petrol but what is perhaps harder is finding an excellent Sydney Dry Cleaning service or Sydney Curtain Cleaning service. Maybe you have a wool winter coat that has to be cleaned each couple of years or maybe you have an affinity for silk shirts. In those cases, an excellent dry cleaner is an extremely important person to find. Lawrence Dry Cleaners may assist you in fulfilling all your requirements related to Dry Cleaning. These are the top 5 things to consider while determining the best Sydney Dry Cleaning and Sydney Curtain Cleaning service to suit your needs.

1) Try to find a reputable dry cleaner. Anyone can purchase a machine and say that he’s a master of Dry Cleaning services.

2) Finding the best Sydney Dry Cleaning service may be a tough job.  If you’re new to the area, you could ask your neighbours, friends and co-workers if  they can suggest a good Sydney Dry Cleaning service or Sydney Curtain Cleaning service provider.  You’ll find the name that comes to most people will be Lawrence Dry Cleaning.

3) Take in a test article of clothing. Anything made up of cotton or the same sort of material. You should try using something that is meant for dry cleaning only and that you probably have not worn for years. Mainly, you want something forgiving that you can afford to live without in case the business is not all they claim to be.

4) When it comes to your precious clothes and curtains, go for the business that is known for its quality services. Mistakes may happen of course but you should go for the place that makes amendments in the case they unintentionally ruin your clothes.

5) If you have a particular article of clothing that needs to be dry-cleaned , then you should check whether that particular Sydney Dry Cleaning service specialises in that sort of clothing. Different dry cleaners can be specialized in items such as suits, wedding gowns or curtains.

These are the top five things you need to consider when choosing a dry cleaner.

Lawrence Dry Cleaners provide a variety services and are the leader in Dry Cleaning in Sydney.



Find the Perfect Women’s Bag for your Body Shape

Similar to dresses, your bag must also fit your body and contour. It is through this way that you are able to highlight your body shape, figure and height so you will appear as beautiful as ever. However, with so many bags for women available today, you might find it very difficult to choose the most appropriate bag for your body shape. If you want to have a proportioned body appearance, choose a particular shape that is opposite to the size or shape of your body contour.

For instance, for those who have a skinny and tall body, a hobo bag that is round in shape is recommended to create an illusion of a curvy body. A good example of a rounded bag is the Casual Color Black and Pleated Design Women’s Tote bag. It is made with PU leather, has zipper for closure and has a plain weave lining detail within to create a more formal look. The size is approximately 30 x 13 x 20 cm, which makes it a perfect bag for your casual appointments. Another good example to match your thin and tall body shape is the Laconic Career Candy Color and PU leather design Women’s Tote bag. This bag is a finely tailored to match your simple yet sophisticated style. It comes in a plain pink color with rounded corners. Most importantly, it is available at a price you can buy right away. It may also come in different pastel colors such as orange, yellow, blue-green and white. 

If your size is petite yet has voluptuous curves, you may try using a handbag or a clutch that is rectangular in shape and long in length. You can simply look at the bags that are opposite from your body shape to see and confirm if the bag’s style, shape and design would please you most. To give you an example of the said bags, you may consider the Vintage Style Embossing and covered closure design women’s clutch. This is best used during casual occasions, so you can bring it with you anywhere. It only measures 20-30 cm long, so enough to match your petite body size. Made with PU leather material, you can have a soft feel to the touch and you may find the solid details and embossed figures suitable to your liking. It comes in a variety of colors such as sky-blue, peach, white, light orange and navy blue. Price starts at $12 only.

Lastly, as for women who have a rounder figure, you will need a bag that is well-structured or something that is rectangular in shape to do the trick of balancing your body proportions and overall appearance. A few examples include a tote bag, hobo bag, clutch bag or a cross body bag. This Vintage Style Zipper and PU leather design women’s bag is a good way to start your modern fashion look. It is a good match to your dresses, especially with its candy colors that vary from orange, pink, black, blue, white, green and grey. It is a convertible bag that you can either use as a handbag or a shoulder bag, depending on the occasion. It comes with two exterior pockets, zipper for closure and an interior pocket for your handheld device.

Top 5 fashion tips to stay stylish always

Fashion is the heart of the world and hardly there is any individual on this earth who is not addicted to fashion. In real sense, fashion makes an individual’s personality complete. So here are some fashion tips you can follow in order to stay stylish always. While you go through these tips you could discover great deals and discount for jabong and myntra at and

1.       Awesome figure

You must have different figure than your friend but that does not mean that you will not look good. Make sure that you know what is right for you. Hour glass figure is one of the most demanding figures since decades. Don’t be crazy just keep yourself updated always with whatever figure you have.

2.       Black dress

Black has always been a color of glamour and it has got plus points too. You can use a black dress for years without looking outdated. Black and white combinations look just awesome. You can look for online store sales and buy black dresses in bulk and save lot of bucks.

3.       Choose imperfection

If you look always just perfect you will just get bored of yourself. Try something new. Either keep your hairs opened or where something very loose. You will find out that you look very attractive.

4.       Strengthen your flaws

Every individual has flaws but it’s all up to you to change it into a plus point. You don’t need to keep thinking about what others are saying about your flaws. Just make sure that you improve it with time.

5.       Sunglasses

Pair of dark sunglasses looks just great all the time. Many of us use it to hide the flaws. You can get different colors of sunglasses to get a different look and look stylish. Online stores sell great range of sunglasses with the latest fashion trends. You can check them out.


Colorful Outlook with Hand-woven Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are very colorful and graceful looking products that suits on ladies of all races all over the world. The notion can be justified by the beautiful and colorful  impact of these sarees on the ladies across any region of the world. Every person who looks at the color and design of this beautiful product subdues under the influence of this beautiful feminine product. This is the reason that ladies fall in love with this product once the wear it at any party or event. This is one of the most sexy and feminine looking product, which gives a glorious and gracious look the lady who wears it. There is a wide range of colors that are used in the manufacturing of these silk sarees because of the fact that India is very popular in the entire world for its colorful traditions and culture. Silk sarees are made in different colors like red, blue, yellow, green, gray, light brown, golden, silver and many other attractive combinations of colors. The black and white are not the colors appreciated in India due to their low importance in their culture; but in western countries, these colors are also being tried for the sake of fashion and class.


There are many online and offline stores that deal in the silk sarees and offer wonderful prices and plans on bulk purchases. This competition has also pulled the prices down in the market and now every woman can buy these colorful silk sarees at very nominal prices through Shopping Silk Sarees Online. Meanwhile, there are many online stores on the internet, where silk sarees are available to buy at very reasonable prices.


Entertainment News By H3 All Access

A half hour, weekly magazine style entertainment show that features What’s Hip, Hot & Happening with a Latin flair, that is accessible to everyone. Viewers do not have to envy the lifestyles of the rich and famous, they can live it. H3 All Access's Emmy award winning format has 5-6 solid, entertaining segments that inform and guide viewers to new and old places to go, things to see and talk about. H3 All Access showcases special events in different cities, trendy dining, sports, music, celebrities and so much more.

“Hip, Hot, and Happening”

Popular Culture has defined many aspects of our life. Media and Entertainment News is an evolutionary product, a sort of menu of that guides, educates, and befriends us while on life’s journey. It’s a medium through which people enjoy living vicariously and interactively. H3 All Access identifies with people that are “on the go” as well as those who want to be “in the know.” H3 is what’s Hip, Hot, and Happening.”

Celebrity Interviews With Nellie Gonzalez

Nellie Gonzalez is a hard-working, no-nonsense, smart, active media and televised entertainment professional. She has been active in broadcast, cinema, and producing her own works in feature film and documentaries that have appeared on Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, Telemundo and MCBN, with several awards in her wake to include a 2008 Lonestar Emmy, three Telly Awards (most recently for H3 All Access) and a Remi Award at WorldFest Film Festival for her short film, and several nominations for other accolades to include her recent 2012 Imagen Award in Beverly Hills, California. She has been interviewed on Fox, Univision, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and The Armed Forces Channel, and has both hosted and produced her own shows for Houstonisimo CBS and Inside Mi Casa MCB. Click Here to view more about H3 All Access.

First time at the Spa

Furious pace of life contributes to the terrible strain not only physical but also mental. When finally comes the desired weekend very often we decide to spend it surrounded by nature (and here it is not that simple if you live in a big city, unless you do not mind walking with the crowd at a town park) or watching TV isolated from the outside world.

The interesting alternative to such methods of relaxing is spending a weekend at the Spa. The more that it often happens that the weekend is the only time of the week, in which we find a little time for body care, manicure, pedicure, etc.

Spa Specials in New York
When you go to a spa center it is not only to rest but also to take care of  your body and health. An additional advantage of the weekend at Spa is that we can arrange it with friends, for which we never have enough time. Almost every spa center has to offer weekend packages. Typically, the price includes accommodation, food, beauty treatments, sauna, Jacuzzi and massages. Make sure to choose the resort located outside the city or on its outskirts to free yourself from the crowds and noise of traffic. It will be a lot easier to relax and regain your strength.

Spa in Manhattan NY
I read somewhere that on a weekend average woman packs up two suitcases (because we always think those things can come in handy) although while packing up our luggage to the Spa we really should reduce to a minimum. My suggestion is as follows - pins, elegant dresses, jeans, jacket or even a straightener and hair dryer… well, just leave it at your place. Better pack a comfortable tracksuit. Do not pack the slippers, towels and bathrobe. All of this can be found in every spa (of course free of charge). No matter which package you choose, services treatment rooms at such centers usually have disposable slippers, costumes, hair bands and even underwear. For example, using the bath we  always get a cloth to wrap around the body and slippers. For waxing we will get the disposable underwear. The only thing we have to really take on the weekend is our bodies.

Brazilian wax in Manhattan

More and more people are going to the spa so they could turn of their phones, leave the laptops at their homes. Yes, definitely an escape from the world is what can really recharge our batteries. After two days, we will return home rested, relaxed, healthier and prettier.

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